Thursday, 19 April 2012

About me !

Assalammualaikum boys and gals !
The name given is Mohd 'Afif Azri but you don't call me in my full name, i prefer it short like Afif or Apit. Okay the main reason why I create this blog is for assignment purpose. I used to have a blog once and I used to blog about super random stuff that I do everyday. Retarded am I right ? I can't remember my blog url and my e-mail/passwords and I hope my old blog will R.I.P. =(

Anyway, a little bit bout myself. I like to eat but I LOVE to drink water. I love coffee, whole milk, yogurt and Livita but no KACIP FATIMAH. The people who are close to me would know how much addicted I am to coffee. Everyday at college or even on holidays, I would go out and buy my favorite drinks. What else eh to tell.. Yeaaa, I also like to listen to music. I don't care much about what type or genre but the lyrics are quite important to me. As long as you don't say the F word for 78 times then its fine. Plus, I hate songs that always talk about drugs, sex, and money. Please. People doesn't even care about your rapper life and you don't have to act G's on me or anything. ENOUGH RANTING ! Okay that's enough about me and I must warn you that my life is pretty boring, so don't expect to hear much from me and if you got anything you ask, I would be glad to answer them. Because I'm the quiet type.......

Naaaaaaah !! :D

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