Sunday, 29 April 2012

My Favorite Celebrity - Ryanimay !

        So I want to tell you guys about my favorite celebrity ever. His full name is Ryan Conferido but his bboy name is Ryan "Ryanimay" Conferido. People usually calls him Ryanimay but nevermind who cares. He is a street dancer or known as b-boy. I started liking him (no-homo) when I saw him on television competing in American Best Dance Crew. He was in his group, Quest Crew and they became the season champion for season 3. Man I tell you what, they just bomb the show and no other group could even top them in any week ! And Ryan is the one who's doing all the crazy flips and he also seen playing the piano during the finale week.

   He's the one who plays the piano at the beginning.

That pretty much explain Quest Crew itself. For more Ryanimay you guys can google him up or search Party Rock Anthem on youtube which you can see him doing some crazy flips and shuffling on the video. That's all, peace out ! :)

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